how to fix iPhone Keyboard Problems

How to fix iPhone Keyboard Problems

The iPhone’s keyboard has made strides when it comes to improvements but can still have its issues. There are reports about lag and delays among other issues including keyboards freezing and keyboard shortcuts not working.

This can be a key issue when people expect prime performance from their Apple devices. When you need to send a message, you need your device to work. It’s important to know what problems you may run into and how to fix them.

How to fix iPhone Keyboard Problems:

Home button not working

Users report their home button not working well. They report discomfort as they press it, some saying they’ve had the problem since they bought the phone and others saying it happened after extensive usage. One reported solution is to go to Settings and open General>Accessibility>Assistive Touch and turning assistive touch on.

Keyboard predictions not working

Apple’s QuickType feature, introduced in iOS 8, is supposed to predict what words you plan to type out to save you time, letting you tap on the predicted word and having it typed out for you.

Sometimes the feature disappears but you can bring it back. Swipe up on the small tab above the keyboard to re-enable QuickType. If it disappeared, it could be because you mistakenly swiped down on it to make it disappear.

Problems typing specific letters like “Q” and “P”

Users experience problems typing specific letters like “P” and “Q” as well as the backspace button. The keys may stick as multiple letters are typed. Some users have solved the issue by adding a bumper to the iPhone, which minimizes the issue.

Lagging keyboard

A common reported issue is keyboard lag. It’s a temporary fix, but some reports say a way to fix it is to turn off documents and data in the iCloud. Go to Settings>iCloud>Documents & Data. Try to type and if you still have a problem, reset all settings by going to General>Reset>Reset All Settings. Another solution to try is go to Settings and tap on General>Reset then tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Other options include making sure the iPhone’s running the latest update and rebooting the iPhone.

No keyboard type noises

Some people like the sound of the keyboard clicking as they type. Maybe they’re nostalgic or they just think it’s cool. If you want to hear the sound and can’t, here are a few fixes to try.

The sound may be muted. Check to make sure the mute toggle switch on the side isn’t turned on.

If that isn’t the solution, go to Settings>Sounds>Keyboard Clicks. Make sure keyboard clicks is turned on. If still no luck, turn off your iPhone and turn it back on.

Keyboard not appearing

Is your keyboard not appearing when you need to type something? Try restarting the phone. If restarting doesn’t do the trick, you may need to back up your iPhone then restore it through iTunes.

Non-working keyboard shortcuts

People like their keyboard shortcuts. When they’re not working, there are a few fixes to try.

Delete a shortcut and create it again. Users also report adding a new shortcut to see if that fixes it.

Another option is to go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

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