How To Fix No Service Problem on Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus phone

How To Fix No Service Problem on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus

I believe this a service provider is the number we need, and the reason why a cell phone was created. Imagine going throughout your day and make important phone calls, but you don’t have any signal or service available. What are you going to do about it? Even just texting, eventually we will miss someone, but you will need your service provider’s signal just to be able to send a text.

Yes, it could be a bug problem for the new phone until it releases new update versions. Having that said, there could be different factors of causing the particular problem. Indeed, it has certain solutions to fix the situation just in case it happens. So, we will go through Easy Troubleshooting: “No Service” Problem For Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 and Galaxy S8/S9 Plus. It’s about time that we get your signal back on track.

How To Fix No Service Problem on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus:

The Sim Card

Go through your SIM card first. Maybe it is not inserted correctly. This happens only because you are in a rush to put it, and get excited to use the all new phone. This is actually quite of a hassle if ever this happens which is why it is first on the list. You have to go back and complain or request for a SIM replacement. Opening a new line could be expensive depending on the service provider. Hopefully, they won’t charge you for a replacement.

Radio Signal Settings

This would be one of the significant methods to do if you it shows “No Service” available. It is meant to reset the phone and look for signal. It has already proven overtime that it definitely works. Just follow the step-by-step procedure and you will be alright.

  1. Access the Phone Application Or Dialer
  2. Type in this code, *#*#4636#*#*, and wait. Do Not Press Anything, Not even the Send Button
  3. A selection will appear, and choose “Device Information.”In other cases, it may say “Phone Information
  4. Select Run Ping Test and wait for a moment.
  5. Finally, Select Radio OFF and your phone will immediately Reboot.

This certain method has already worked for a lot of phones, so there is a big chance that your signal will be restored after doing the procedure. You may redo this process just in case that it doesn’t work for the very first time.


We just showed you the simple steps on how to recover your signal for your phone. If ever none of these methods work, just simply return it to the place where you bought your phone or contact Samsung directly for Technical Support. Since it is just a new release, we could just simply wait for more updates, so that the phone will be further stable. This just doesn’t work for the S8 and S8 plus but to the former Galaxy Models as well. You can use this guide as a reference. If you found this article to be useful, share this article on your social media page.

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