How to Fix “Google Play Has Stopped” Message

How to fix “Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped”

It happens to many people. You are messing around with your Android smartphone, possibly changing settings or something similar, and you get a message saying “Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped.”

There are a few possibilities about what causes this error, but information is slight on what exactly is the culprit. Your phone possibly lost some data along the way. Many times it happens as you make changes to the Android operating system’s settings.

It doesn’t really matter. All you care is that your smartphone suddenly stops and doesn’t let you continue. Don’t fret.

How to fix “Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped”:

Step #1: Restart your device
It probably isn’t this easy, but you never know. It sometimes works, so press and hold your device’s power button until a menu appears. Tap on Restart.

Step #2: Check the Wi-Fi connection
Here’s another easy fix that just may do the trick. Go to Settings and turn the Wi-Fi or Mobile Data off. Then turn it back on.

Step #3: Empty cache
The first step to take is to empty your Google Play Services system app. Find the app by going to Settings then Applications.

Once in Applications find the Application Manager. Tap on it and you will see system apps, downloaded apps and all apps. Click on all apps and search for Google Play Services. Tap on it so that it shows you the detailed information.

Once you see the information, search for “Clear Cache.” You must then restart your Android phone once the cache is clear.

Step #4: Reset app preferences
Go to Application Manager and tap on the “All” tab. Once you tap it, look in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on “More.”

You will see a pop up menu that gives you an option that states, “Reset App Preferences.” Tap on that option.

Step #5: Uninstall updates
To uninstall updates, go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Services>Uninstall Updates. Once completed, install the newest version of Google Play Services to your Android phone.

Your other option is to deactivate then re-activate Google Play Services. Go to Settings>Device Administrators>Deactivate Android Device Manager. Once there, go to Settings>Application Manager>Google Play Services>Uninstall Updates.

Next try out an app that requires you have Google Play Services. Your smartphone will request that you install the app. Make sure to reinstall the latest version then turn Android Device Manager back on by going to Settings>Security>Device Administrators. Once finished, reboot your phone and see if the error is clear for good.

Step #6: Remove and add Google account
Sometimes removing and re-adding your Google account clears the error. To remove your Google account, go to Settings>Accounts>Remove Google Account. Once you remove it, go to Add Google Account, enter your Gmail information and click on it to return it to your phone. Don’t forget to then restart your phone.

Step #7: Clear Google Play Services framework cache
Another suggested option is to clear the frameworks cache of Google Play Services. This is a system app that stores information and makes sure your Google Play Services works by ensuring that your phone is synced with Google services.

To clear the cache, go to Settings then Application Manager. Find the area where applications are displayed and search for Google Framework Services. Tap on it then Force Stop.

The next step is to tap on Clear Cache. Once you complete the steps, restart your phone.

Step #8: Reset to factory specifications
Before you proceed with this step, make sure your data is backed up. That must be the first step because this solution deletes your personal settings, files and third party apps as your device is returned to what it was like when you bought it.

Once you back up your data, go to Settings and find Backup and Reset. Choose the option that says Factory Data Reset then Reset Device. Use your backup to restore your data to your phone.

These steps should rid your phone of its “Google Play Has Stopped” message. If you tried them all and the message remains, visit a tech shop familiar with your Android smartphone to seek additional solutions.

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