how to fix Xiaomi Mi Max Wifi issue

How to fix Xiaomi Mi Max Wifi issue

Technology company Xiaomi has unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Max, deciding to go big with its 6.44-inch display. It gives users plenty of visual space with its extra-large screen, moving it more into phablet territory. It features Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor.

The phone is getting praised for its sound quality and battery life, but also gets mixed reviews for what critics say is a poor build quality. Among reports in India where it was recently released is WiFi connectivity problems. This issue has been addressed by the company.

The complaints included being unable to connect to WiFi. Resetting the WiFi, restarting the router, updating software, changing bands and performing a factory reset on the smartphone, all usual troubleshooting tips, weren’t working. Xiaomi engineers identified what was causing the problem and promptly released an OTA update.

How to fix Xiaomi Mi Max Wifi issue:

Method 1 (most recommended)

Update from the Updater app by doing the following.

Step 1: Go to the Tools folder.

Step 2: Select Updater app.

Step 3: Press on “Check for Updates.”

Step 4: Download the update.

Step 5: Reboot the device.

Method 2: Update your device using the OTA zip

Do the following to update via the OTA zip.

Step 1: Download the OTA ZIP.

Step 2: Connect your smartphone to a Windows computer.

Step 3: Copy the downloaded OTA sip file.

Step 4: Paste it to your device’s root directory in its internal storage.

Step 5: Unplug the device from the computer.

Step 6: Open your tools folder from the homescreen and select Updater app.

Step 7: Click on the menu button on top right and press the “three dots button.”

Step 8: Click Choose Update Package.

Step 9: Browse to the OTA ZIP in your internal storage.

Step 10: Your smartphone will ask to reboot to Flash Update the ROM.

Method 3: Update via Recovery or Fastboot

If you are an advanced user, you may try this method to flash the OTA update on your Xiaomi Mi Max. Otherwise it’s best to stick with one of the first two options.

Step 1: Download the MIUI Global Stable ROM v7.5.7.0.MBCMIDE for Mi Max.

Step 2: Follow these flashing tips.

Step 3: Follow these tips to unlock your Mi Max.

Method 4: Contact Mi for further advice

If you would feel more secure being guided through the process, visit the closest Mi Exclusive Service Center. Check this link to find the nearest one.

You can also call the company’s customer caser number in India at 1-800-103-6286 to have an agent give you instructions on how to resolve your WiFi connectivity issue.

Not all Mi Max users will have issues with their smartphone and connectivity. If you do not have issues, you do not have to complete any of these steps.

For those whom do, hopefully these steps will give you the fix you need to use your new Mi Max and stay connected to your WiFi.

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