How to fix your Google Pixel that won’t charge

How to fix your Google Pixel that won’t charge [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]

Your Google Pixel’s likely a prize that you love with its many features including a 2770 mAh battery that should last a day or two if you use your phone normally and your apps aren’t hogging power. But your battery can get drained faster than you expect.

Imagine your frustration if your battery’s nearly dead, you plug it in to charge and it won’t charge. After all, smartphones need power to run and you need to charge it to refresh that power. When you plug it in and it does nothing, that can certainly be aggravating and hamper your call or text.

There are some steps you can take to try and fix the charging problem. Try these troubleshooting tips before deciding whether to take your phone to a technician or seek a replacement. If they don’t work, that may be your best option.

How to fix your Google Pixel that won’t charge:

Step #1: Troubleshoot your battery charge

Start with your battery and see if that’s a problem. Plug it into a working wall outlet and see what pops up on the screen. Do you see a battery icon? That means your phone is powered off and charging.

If there is a red light, your battery’s completely dead. Charge your phone for at least 30 minutes before trying to start it again.

You can try to reboot your phone by holding down your phone’s power button for about 30 seconds. Often that’s enough to fix an issue with your Google Pixel. If not, let’s try some other tips.

Step #2: Check your adapter, cable and outlet

It may not be your smartphone at all. Try to use your adapter and cable with another device if you have one and see if it works. Plug your adapter into a different wall outlet or plug another device into the outlet that you are trying to use.

Dust or lint could be in your phone’s port. Make sure there’s nothing in the port that could hamper your connection. If so, you may want to give it a quick blast of compressed air. Make sure your cable is securely connected to both your Pixel phone and the adapter.

Check your USB cable and make sure it’s not frayed or damaged in any way. Run your fingers along it and see if it’s broken anywhere or you notice any lumps. Check both sides of the cable for corrosion and try cleaning the connectors. If you notice any problems, consider buying a new cord.

Step #3: Troubleshoot your firmware

A firmware problem can cause your Pixel phone not to charge. It can cause the phone to be unresponsive in general. Your battery isn’t removable so, since pulling and reloading your battery isn’t an option, you will have to try force rebooting your phone.

Press and hold your power key for about 10 seconds. If it has enough charge left, it should reboot. See if that fixes your problem and your phone will charge.

Step #4: Phone charges then won’t turn on

Users have also reported problems with their phone charging but then not turning on. If you have that problem, try booting it to safe mode. Press and hold your phone’s power button at the same time, and don’t get go until after the Google screen appears. Let go of the power button and press and hold the volume down key. If it turns on in safe mode, you will see the words Safe Mode on the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can also wipe the cache after putting it into recovery mode. Press and hold your volume up, power and home buttons at the same time. When the phone vibrates, let go of the power button but hold the other two in until you see an Android System Recovery screen.

Use the Volume Down button to highlight Wipe Cache Partition and press the power key to select that option. When the cache is cleared, your phone should reboot automatically.

Step #5: Take your phone to a technician or seek a replacement

None of these tips worked? It may be time to go to a professional and see what your solutions are.

Write down everything you tried and read over your warranty if you have one. The Google Pixel hasn’t been out long, so your phone should still be covered under warranty if you have one.

Make sure to be ready to answer questions about whether your phone’s been dropped in water or if it had a hard fall or bump. Your technician or phone carrier may ask you a few questions about whether there has been a power surge or any similar problems that could have caused your phone not to charge.

A technician may also have other tips to try.

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