How to Free Up and Add Extra Storage to the Google Pixel

How to Free Up and Add Extra Storage to Google Pixel [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]

Are you suffering space issues on your Google Pixel & Pixel XL Phones? Here you will find the best tips to Free Up and Add Extra Storage on your Google pixel phones with easy methods.

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL come loaded with features, but expandable storage isn’t one of them. It may be enough impetus to make up your mind between the 32GB basic headset or the 128GB model. If you choose the basic model, that means freeing up storage space is crucial on the phone, though there are some ways to increase storage as well.

How to Free Up and Add Extra Storage to Google Pixel [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]:

#1: Delete unused apps and old downloads

Google’s Pixel will show you what files haven’t been used in 30 days so that you can consider deleting them. Deleting unused apps is one of the easiest ways to free up storage space. Look through your apps and re-consider which you really need. Remember that, if they’re free apps, you can always just download them again later if you change your mind.

To do so:

  • Swipe on the notification shade on top to open the notification drawer.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Storage.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu at the top right then on Free Up Space.
  • Select which items you want to delete and then tap Free Up on the bottom right corner.

#2: Delete photos and videos stored in Google Photos

If your photos and videos are uploaded to Google Photos, consider deleting them from your Pixel or your Pixel XL. To do so, open Google Photos on your smartphone, open the side menu, and swipe in from the left or tap on the three-line menu. After that, tap on Free Up Space and, after your phone calculates which photos are stored in the cloud, tap on Remove to delete them from your phone.

You can use Smart Storage to automatically remove photos and videos previously backed up to Google Photos. To do so, open Settings then tap on Storage then Manage Storage. Enable Smart Storage to launch the feature. If you want to restore photos and videos later to your phone, you are able to re-download them from Google Photos.

You can set Google Smart Storage to remove photos and videos stored in the cloud after 30, 60 or 90 days.

How to Add Storage Space to Google Pixel & Pixel XL Phones

#1: Use an external Type-C USB drive

You can add space by plugging a drive into the USB Type-C port. Find a Type-C USB drive that supports Android phones. The drives are small enough to easily carry around with you and give you plenty of storage space. Consider the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C, which comes with 128GB of additional storage space.

#2: Use a microSD memory card adapter

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL come without a built-in microSD memory slot, but you can buy third-party memory card adapters and plug them into the phones’ USB port. That provides an easy way to backup photos and videos or store your download of the latest Bollywood movie. There are adapters that allow you to add slots for not only microSD but full-sized SD cards as well.

#3: Wirelessly transmit media with a WiFi drive

The lack of storage can be discouraging if you want to load up your Pixel with music or videos and take it on a trip. Consider purchasing a WiFi drive and storing your music and videos on the drive? Drives by Sandisk, Seagate and other manufacturers allow you to connect the drive to your Pixel or Pixel XL wirelessly and stream video and audio content.

#4: Store photos and videos in the cloud

Google will store photos and videos you shoot in the cloud, which gives you some additional storage space. It may not be enough to give you room to add a lot more apps, but every little bit helps.

These solutions will both free up space and provide you with additional space so that you can download more apps, music and videos. That may be just what you need to download that next great app or the new hit video that comes out next. When buying a Pixel or Pixel XL, or any smartphone, consider how much storage space you will need as you decide which smartphone to buy.

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