How To Get Emojis On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

How To Get Emojis On Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus

It is better to put more “emotion” into our texting. It is as close as we can get making a phone call or actually talking to them in person. Although, there might be some certain applications that cannot carry over the emojis you just downloaded. It is, however, if it happens. It just means that maybe it is programmer by a different developer. It isn’t that hard to get emojis to be honest because, there already a lot of applications that have emojis in them. It just matters if it is not the usual generic ones. Facebook Messenger alone already contains numerous emojis.

Having that said we will give you tips on how to Get Emojis On Your Galaxy S8/S9 and Galaxy S8/S9 Plus To Make Messaging Fun!

How To Get Emojis On Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus:

Download Applications that Involved Emojis

What I mean is there are certain application that already contain a lot of emojis. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the Emojis can be carried over to another application so you could a wide array of emojicons. If it happens that someone is sending you emojis and all you see is a box with an “x” mark, it simply means that your phone doesn’t have that emoji yet. There are several applications online where you can add more emojis to your messaging arsenal.

It is also possible that the sender could be using a different operating system from yours, and that is also a regular case. There are certain applications that could iOS emojis compatible with Android. Yup, you read that right. There are some Emojis that are not universal and only exclusive to each operating system. Of course, there are developer that wouldn’t let that getaway.

Update Your Software

I know that the S8 and S8 plus are fairly new gadgets and they have been equipped with the ANDROID 7.0 Nougat. In the near future, if there is an available software for update, please choose to update it. It would only require a bit of your time. There might be applications that require certain updates for the emojicons to work. Once that you have already updated your software, like in the old versions, new choices will be available for you to use.

It is already a big advantage that you update your software just in case that they fixed bug errors. Just double check if your version really can read the emojis because updating a software is not always a good thing. You have to see reviews if it will a good choice to your phone on or not. Another thing this is, if I may, it is difficult to downgrade your phone. Some programs might not even work on an updated version, so please take caution as well.


We have just given you’re the simplest tips on how to get emojis on your phone. Just be careful on downloading stuff to your phone. Clean up your device from time to time to refresh its performance.

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