How to Get Refund for iTunes and App Store Purchases on iPhone, Mac and Windows

How to Get Refund for iTunes and App Store Purchases on iPhone / Mac / Windows

There could be a variety of reasons why you want a refund. Your son or daughter played with your phone and ordered something on iTunes without asking. You bought the wrong app. Or you bought an app and – within a few days – decided you don’t want it taking up space on your iPhone.

It happens, and you can often get your money back. Just don’t take forever asking for it back. Relatively soon after rather than weeks later will be your best bet for getting a refund from an App Store or iTunes purchase.

How to Get Refund for iTunes and App Store Purchases on iPhone / & Mac / Windows

How to Get a Refund

You can request a refund on Apple’s website.

Step 1: Go to Apple’s problem reports page at

Step 2: Use your regular username and password to log into iTunes. Make sure to use whichever Apple ID you used to purchase the app.

Step 3: Find whichever app you want a refund for, and click the Report a Problem button next to it.

Step 4: Pull down the Choose Problem menu and tap on whichever option most closely matches your issue. Give a short explainer of why you want a refund and click Submit.

It’s best to choose a reason other than “I just hated the app.” Choose something like “I bought the wrong item” and you may have more luck getting that refund. It’s also not wise to excessively ask for refunds.

Use Email Receipt to Get a Refund on iPad or iPhone

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can also use your email receipt to seek a refund. First you have to find the email with the receipt.

Step 1: Open Mail on your iPhone or iPad and search for the receipt for the purchase.

Step 2: Tap on the receipt.

Step 3: Tap on the purchase for which you want a refund.

Step 4: AS you reach Apple’s problem report page, answer the problem that led you to seek a refund.

Step 5: After writing the description of the problem, tap on Submit.

Use iTunes to Get a Refund

Another option is to log onto your personal computer and seek a refund through iTunes. For this one, it can be either a Mac or Windows personal computer.

Step 1: Open iTunes.

Step 2: Click on Account and type in your passcode when prompted.

Step 3: Search under Purchase History for See All.

Step 4: Tap on the arrow next to the list of purchases that includes the purchase you want refunded.

Step 5: Tap on Report a Problem next to the purchase.

Step 6: When iTunes takes you to Apple’s website, sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 7: Continue the process like above, giving a short reason why you want a refund.

That’s three different ways to request a refund. The final decision is up to Apple, though users report getting refunds when they request them shortly after buying the app.

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