How to improve GPS on your Android phone

How to improve GPS on your Android phone

Are you suffering GPS issue or bad GPS signal? here is a 12 Best Tips for How to improve GPS on your Android phone with step by step guidelines.

GPS systems in smartphones enable us to find locations when we’re afraid of trusting ourselves to navigate. They give us directions when we make a wrong turn and have to get back on track. Now they also play a role in augmented reality games like the hit Pokémon Go.

GPS is short for Global Positioning System. Originally developed by the U.S. Army in 1973, it now powers our navigational systems that enable us to travel without that dreaded stop at a gas station to ask for directions.

So what do we do when the GPS fails and so does our navigation as a result? Or when we can’t find that prized Pokémon because our GPS isn’t working right?

How to improve GPS on your Android phone:

Tips #1: Restart your Android phone

It’s always wise to try one of the easiest solutions first. Turn your smartphone off then back on to see if it fixes the problem.

Tips #2: Refresh your GPS

Sometimes just toggling your GPS may do the trick. To do so, use the notifications shade of your phone to turn the GPS off then back on. Leave it off for about 5 seconds before turning it back on. Once you turn it back on, give it time to check for your location and see if your issues are corrected.

Tips #3: Toggle Airplane mode

Another reported fix is to turn your Airplane mode on and off. To find the mode, go to your phone’s notifications area and search for an icon that looks like an airplane. Turn it on, wait about 20 seconds then turn it off. It will reset all network connections and hopefully will fix your problem.

Tips #4: Remove the phone case

Sometimes your phone case can hamper GPS. It’s worth a try considering this is an easy fix if so. Remove your case and check to see if the GPS works better. If so, you may consider getting a different case that does not hamper the GPS or not use a case when you must rely on the GPS.

Tips #5: Check power saving mode

Check your Android to see if you have power saving mode initiated. If so, one of the ways it may be trying to save battery power is by turning off Wi-Fi and GPS.

Pull down your Android notifications shade and tap on power saving mode. If it is on, turn it off and try the app that relies on GPS.

Tips #6: Turn on “High Accuracy” mode

High accuracy mode gives your GPS a bit of a boost when it comes to tracking your location. It also takes more power, so you’ve got to decide when to sacrifice battery charge for navigational needs. It does so by using both your GPS and Wi-Fi and mobile network to estimate where you are located.

To turn on high accuracy, go to your Settings and tap on Location. Go under Location, find Mode and make sure it’s set to High Accuracy.

Tips #7: Recalibrate GPS

Search for a compass app on your phone or, if it does not have one, download a free one from the Google Play Store. Once you find or download it, open the app and tap Compass. Keep your phone flat while rotating it vertically three times. Don’t go too fast or it will not work. You must take it slow.

Now, keeping it vertical, spin your phone around from front to back three times. The next step is to flip your phone horizontally three times from front to back.

That will recalibrate your GPS.

Tips #8: Check for satellites

GPS relies on a good connection with satellites. One of the issues that you could have is a metallic object blocking your GPS signal. A popular app to download and use for this purpose is GPS Essentials.

Open GPS Essentials and tap Satellites. If there’s nothing showing, it means the signal is blocked or your device has some other sort of malfunction. An Android phone that shows satellites dotted around tells you that the GPS is working and it’s your app that has the problem.

Reinstall the app giving you problems or replace it with another similar app.

The app GPS Status and Toolbox can help you by re-downloading your AGPS data which may help you find the right satellites. Download the app, launch it and tap on the menu button. Search for “Manage A-GPS State” and tap Download when a menu pops up. After the download, try the app you are having problems with again.

Tips #9: Update Google Maps

Google maps gives your Android phone some help when it comes to making sure your GPS locations are correct. Has it been awhile since you’ve updated your Google Maps app? If so, update it to see if that’s causing the problems with GPS and location.

Tips #10: Clear data files and cache

Your cache and data files can sometimes stop working and cause a problem that also affects your GPS. Before you proceed, make a note of any locations because this solution will delete them.

To delete the cache, first go into the Settings menu and scroll down to Application Manager. Tap on Application Manager and look under Downloaded apps until you find Maps. Tap on it.

Once it’s open, tap on Clear Cache and confirm your decision when a box pops up. The next step is to tap on Clear Data.

You need to restart your phone before seeing if there is any improvement to your GPS.

Tips #11: Update your Android phone’s firmware

An outdated Android system can interfere with your GPS. Check to see if an update is available by going to Settings and tapping on About Device then Check Updates. If one is available, update your system.

Tips #12: Reset your Android phone

Hopefully one of these tips improve your GPS. If not, the last resort may be resetting your Android phone to factory settings. This will erase all data, so make sure that you first back up any data and apps that you want to reinstall.

To reset, open Settings and search for Backup and Reset. Tap on it then decide whether to check or uncheck Create a Backup. Look near the bottom of your screen for Reset the Phone to Factory Settings and tap on it.

When it’s complete, restore your phone from the backup you created and see if the GPS is working better. If not, seek more advice from your carrier or a professional.

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