How to boost your iPhone’s WiFi

How to improve WiFi speed on iPhone

Problems connecting to WiFi aren’t as common as other issues that iPhone users face. Generally the iPhone connects well to available networks. It does, however, happen on occasion. That can especially be a downer when you want to play your favorite game, video chat with family members and perform other tasks that work best with WiFi.

There are various issues that can affect your iPhone’s WiFi connectivity. It could be something with your environment, including how close you are to a WiFi router or if your iPhone’s near a device like a cordless phone that can cause electromagnetic interference.

How to improve WiFi speed on iPhone:

Tips #1: Change your location

Look around your environment if you are having trouble connecting to WiFi. Baby monitors and cordless phones can both cause interference. Thick walls can reduce a signal’s strength. So can your distance from a router. You can walk around and watch your iPhone’s WiFi bars if you are in a public place to determine where you can get better reception. You may also want to ask someone who works there where to get the best WiFi reception.

An app like OpenSignal will help you find free WiFi hotspots. OpenSignal features compass points that will identify from which direction your signal is coming. It also features coverage maps for helping you find the best and worst areas when it comes to public WiFi coverage.

Tips #2: Check your router

The router could be your problem, though you may want to see whether you are having WiFi problems with any other devices before centering in on this one. Routers are seldom the problem.

Just to be sure you can try restarting your router or borrow someone else’s if you can. Sometimes restarting a router can clear any issues. If you have another device or a computer check to see if you are having similar problems connecting to WiFi.

If your router isn’t set to find a channel automatically, consider changing its channel. Your current channel may be getting interference from within your neighborhood. Suggested channels in the United States include 1, 6 and 11. Check your router instructions to see how to do this.

Tips #3: Refresh your iPhone’s WiFi

Try refreshing your iPhone’s WiFi to see if that does the trick. Open Settings and tap on WiFi then the name of the network to which you are connecting. Tap Renew Lease>Renew. You can also open settings and tap on About>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Just make sure you know your password because you will need to re-enter it after resetting.

You can also try toggling your WiFi on your iPhone off then back on.

Tips #4: Set up iPhone DNS manually

Another solution that’s reportedly worked is setting up your DNS IP address manually. It triggers your iPhone to go to another DNS to obtain data from online.

Go to Settings>WiFi and tap on the “I” icon that’s to the right of the WiFi network you use. Scroll down further and tap on DNS. Enter a DNS IP address like the Google Public DNS, which is or Restart your iPhone’s WiFi and see if you notice a difference.

Before you change any DNS IP addresses, make sure to write down the one you were originally using in case if you have to return to it.

Tips #5: Remove your iPhone’s case

Cases can sometimes interfere with your WiFi signal. Many cases are made with silicone rubber, TPU and plastic and do not affect WiFi, but if your case features another material it may be causing a problem. Take off your case to see if there is a significant improvement. If so, you may want to consider getting a new case.

Tips #6: Update your iPhone firmware

Having the most up to date firmware can help your iPhone’s performance. Back up your data before you update it.

Connect to a wireless network, open Settings and go to General. Tap on Software Update to see if an update is available for your iPhone. If there is nothing showing, that means you have the latest version you can use. If you see an update, tap Download and Install to install the update. Be patient as it may take time for your update to completely install.

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