How to Increase Google adsence revenue

How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue – 7 Immediate Tips to Boost your Google Adsence Revenue

Here is 7 immediate tips for How to Increase Google Adsense revenue with step by step guide.

Google Adsense gives bloggers and website publishers a chance to earn some cash. The advertising placement service lets them display targeted text, image or video advertisements on their website that will earn them money when site visitors view or click the ads.

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It’s a free and simple way to earn money. Free doesn’t mean you don’t have to put some investment of your time into it. There are steps you can take to maximize your Google Adsense revenue.

How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

1. Adjust your Template for Adsense

If you are using WordPress, search for themes that support your advertising plans. If you want to put AdSense into your header, find a WordPress theme that lets you do that. Research what sizes of ads work the best and choose a theme that accommodates them. For instance, if the 300X250 ads are doing better than the 250×250 ones, you don’t want a theme that favors the 250×250 ones. Also keep in mind that larger ads attract more advertisers, which means more advertisers bidding on your ad space.

That doesn’t necessarily mean buy an Adsense-focused theme. You can find a theme that supports a header widget and has wider sidebar columns that would let you fit a larger ad into the sidebar. Remember that Google penalizes sites if they focus too much on ads and not enough on giving users great content. Some of the Adsense Ready themes may fall into this category.

2. Track the Analytics

google analytics - The Crazy Thinkers

Hook your Adsense account up to your Google analytics account. Play close attention to CTR and eCPM. CTR, or “click through rate,” gives you the percentage of clicks you get for each ad impression. The eCPM, or “effective cost per 1000 impressions,” lets you see the total earnings per 1,000 impressions.

Check the analytics for “AdSense Referrers” to see all websites that sent visitors to your website who clicked on an ad while on your site. The higher that CTR is the better, and you will notice which referrers turn into high CTR numbers. When you think of what content to place on your website or blog you can use this as a reference and imagine what content readers surfing to your site from these websites would want to read.

3. Place AD Strategically

Above-the-fold ads will get you better performance than placing them below the fold. The same goes when you have Adsense ads around your content. While Google’s policy lets you place three ad units, three link units and two search boxes on each page of your website, don’t feel like you have to. You want to strike a balance and not make your page seem too cluttered. You still want your content easy to find. After all, isn’t that what people’s coming to read? Browse the Adsense best practices page to make sure you’re following Adsense guidelines.

4. Think Size When it Comes to AD

Research what size of Adsense ads work best as you design your site. This can factor into your revenue. According to Google, some of the ad sizes that work the best are 300×250 medium rectangle, 336×280 large rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard, and the 320×100 large mobile banner.

5. Make Sure ADs & Website are Responsive Design

Remember more and more people view the web from their mobile devices. A responsive design enables them to see your website more clearly on their smartphones and tablets. Adsense responsive units will automatically resize on your screen.

6. Let Your Revenue Drive Your Content

Use your analytics to see which topics are getting the most attention – and the most ad revenue on the pages. You can use this to decide what content you want to be producing and promoting. That is especially true if a certain topic is consistently corresponding with a high CTR.

7. Use Both Text and Image ADs

Studies have shown using both text and image/rich media ads increases the number of advertisers competing to be on your site. This means more revenue for you, especially when it comes to eCPM earnings. You can look in the “my ads” tab and click on “edit ad type” to make sure it is displaying both types of ads.

These tips will help build your Adsense revenue. Always remember content too as you strive to find the right mixture and draw people to the terrific products or services that you offer.

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