How to Lock Photos and Files on iPhones and iPads

How to Lock Photos and Files on iPhone / iPad

The iPhone and iPad are great devices to communicate and handle your business on the go, no matter what that business may be. You’ve got a great way to take photos, download videos and more. The catch is not everything you save on your phone is meant to be public.

That’s an issue if your iPhone or iPad is stolen. It could also be a problem if a co-worker or family member uses your phone. Some things, for whatever reason, you just want to keep private. That includes confidential documents that you may download as part of your job. It could also be photos and videos.

You can use a passcode or Touch ID, a safety feature on Apple devices. There are other ways to make sure people can’t view these sensitive photos and files even if someone sees your unlocked iPhone. You need an additional layer of security to both keep these safe and give you additional peace of mind.

Here is our suggestion when it comes to locking photos and files on your iPhone or iPad. We suggest using the iOS app Pocket Files. You can use the free version that lets you store up to 150 files or the pro version that removes ads and the 150-file limit.

Pocket Files lets you easily capture or import files, photos and videos from your Apple device. You can set a passcode for the folders or to launch an app. You can even catch a photo and location of anyone who tries to break into your app.

How to add files to Pocket Files

Pocket Files features an easy to use interface. Open the app after you download it and you will see three folders titled photos, videos and documents. You can also add a new folder.

To add something to one of the folders, tap on the photo then on the “+” icon. For instance, if you want to add videos, tap on the video folder.

It will show you a menu that enables you to choose what files you want to download. Choose what option you want and give the app permission to access your files. Once you do so, you can choose what photo, video or file that you want to import.

Imported files will stay in the app’s memory. You may be prompted to delete the original file from your iPhone or iPad. You will be asked to “Don’t Allow” or “Delete.”

How to Add Passcode to Pocket Files

To add a passcode to the app, tap on the button with three lines at the top left of the screen. After you do that, tap on Settings.

When settings opens, choose Launch Passcode then Turn Passcode On. Enter the four-digit passcode you want then re-enter the password to confirm it.

To set a passcode for folders, follow the above but select “Folders Passcode” instead of “Launch Passcode.” Tap on “Turn Passcode On.” Enter a four-digit passcode and re-enter it.

Now launch the app’s main screen and tap on the three horizontal dots you see in the upper right corner of a folder. A menu will appear that gives you four options including Folder Settings. Tap Folder Settings and turn the Lock Folder option to On. Hit save.

Your passcode will be the same for all folders.

That’s the instructions you need to follow to keep your files, photos and videos safe on your iPhone or iPad.

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