How to make $5000 per month and tips of make online money through blogging

How to make $5000 per month online-money making blogging

Blogging makes growing income gradually within couple of years. On the first year it may be low, but it can be increased with achieving efficiency in blogging strategies. You can earn $5000 or more with blogging.

Here is the strategy that makes yourself paid for your blogging, let’s find out:

Start a blog of yours

We many write in others blog as usual. But your own blog can make a huge amount of earnings per month. So, start blog of yours.

Promote your blog

Promoting your blog in social networking sites such as face book, twitter and so on will be the another option for having a blog with a lot of visitors. Because building audience is a necessary step in blogging process and keep learning from your mistakes. Let’s find out the way of creating great blog posts.

Become a blogger of best blog

You may ask any other clients if they need any blogger for their blogging site. you can learn a lot of things from their blogging approaches those may work in your blogging also.


Being a paid blogger, in any proficient blogging site, try to learn and gather new and technical experiences about blogging, enlighten yourself with knowledge gathering. You will find the way of making a very powerful, well-researched and properly formatted blog. Use word press, blogger and others for your posting.

Using Google ad sense

Here is the easiest money making process via blogging and that is using Google ad sense. You can generate good money from it. But here is a crucial factor included that is for earning via Google ad sense you will need a huge traffic for your website. They pays for ad clicks and blogging with low visitors will bring nothing without depression.

Affiliate marketing

Want to earn money by monetizing your blog? Then do affiliate marketing. Many bloggers earn a huge amount as revenue that earned from affiliate marketing. You will earn by selling other’s product via your website. You will need to bring some targeted traffic to your blog for selling product and you will earn from each product you sell via your blog. And here for generating your revenue you won’t need a big traffic like ad sense. If you can bring 100 unique visitors and if 2% of your visitors buy the products then you can earn a good amount easily, which is not possible via ad sense.

Sell services

Like products, you can also sell services through your blog. What you will need to do is building audience and offering service to them. What service you provide is not matter, the fact is if your readers have a strong faith on you or not. What is your ability, you can use it and your readers will follow your provided facilities that would be a great earning source for you.

Sell your blog

You may also sell your blog through flipper, site point, website broker etc. here is the biggest b log sales deal for example- the blog UGO was sold for $100 million! If you have high quality articles, huge traffic, revenue, backlines obtained and other some necessary factors, you can easily get a huge amount for selling your blog.

Here, the procedures and method I declared, any of those can help you for having a huge earning from your blogging. Or you can try this all procedures. Lot of professional bloggers mixed up all these methods for having a great income from their blog. Take time and patience and try with your efforts and make money happily.

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