How to Optimize your Android Smartphone for Online Gaming

How to Optimize your Android Smartphone for Online Gaming

Online games continue to gain in popularity. Many developers are creating smartphone versions of PC online  games, l so that you can play them on the go and they are using different slogans and urges players to “give our mobile app a try” or “play your favorite online casino games on the move.”

Take online blackjack games for example. There are many popular online blackjack sites that are becoming apps, as these games are extremely popular and it’s only make sense to give the players a more compatible app.

One of the most important developers for online gamesand online gambling industry is Playtech. The Playtech’s Mobile Hub aims to “provide players with a seamless user experience on mobile devices.” It promotes its mobile games as being compatible with almost all devices including entry-level models as with all HTML5-ready devices.

Since Android devices are convenient and give you the ability to play many popular games if you don’t have a personal computer, most of developers are promoting their mobile games. It states that the performance of the mobile app or game will always depend on your phone’s configuration, but adds that to popular games like online blackjack which can become easier to play because you can use your fingers to make quick moves and just need to tap your screen to place a bet, request a card or so on.

These apps are designed to work on many Android phones, but there are certain features you can look for in an Android phone to improve your gaming experience. There are also ways you can optimize your Android smartphone for better gaming. That’s especially important if you are a hardcore gamer.

What to Look for in an Android Smartphone

There are certain features in an Android phone that can improve your game playing. Among them is the graphics processing unit or GPU.

The GPU helps the central processing unit or CPU when running graphics-intensive applications like 3D graphics apps or high-resolution games. One example is a first-person shooter game, in which the GPU focuses on graphics and visuals while the CPU resources go towards calculations of the game’s mechanics.

When you are searching for an Android phone for gaming, check out its specifications to see what GPU it has. Search the GPU on Google to see its gaming performance. Among the best is the Qualcomm Adreno 530, considered the fastest GPU in mid-2015 for smartphones and tablets and the GPU installed in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

One way to judge a GPU is by how many processing cores it has. Look for the mobile GPU model number and check the number after MP. An MP2 is dual-core, MP3 is tri-core and MP4 is quad-core.

Other suggested features are a fast processor like a quad-core processor and a phone with at least 1 GB of RAM, though two or three gigabytes are often recommended for a smoother gaming experience.

Another need for the optimum gaming experience is a good screen. Consider an Android smartphone with a high resolution HD screen for the best mobile gaming experience.

Optimize your Android Smartphone for Gaming

There are steps you can take to optimize your Android smartphone to improve your gaming experience. Many of them are the same as steps you can take to use other apps more effectively. Some steps include:

  • Uninstalling power-hungry apps;
  • Checking for Android operating system updates;
  • Removing bloatware and system apps.

One of the suggestions is changing the animation settings. You do that by activating Developer Settings, which you do by navigating to Settings and opening About Phone.

Go down to Build Number and click on it seven or eight times until your phone screen features a prompt saying “You have activated Developer Options.” If you go back to Settings, you will see Developer Options near the bottom of the list.

Scroll down and look for Drawing. You will see three choices: window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator scale. The values for all three are “1x”, which means animations take about a second to complete. Change the animation option to either 0.5X or off and you will notice the phone is faster to navigate.

Look below Drawing for Hardware accelerated rendering. You can turn “Force GPU rendering” on to boost your graphics performance.

Search for Optimizing Apps

There are also apps available to boost your gaming experience. They include the GameBooster 3 app. This app optimizes your CPU, RAM and other specs on your device to “unleash the real performance of your Android device,” as the app’s promo states.

If your Android phone is rooted, the GameBooster 3 app features include GameBooster modes that let your device run at max performance and help you play games with no lag.

Again, Android game developers are striving to create games that can be played on a multitude of devices. Not all of these extra or enhanced features are needed, but they can make your game playing experience more enjoyable.

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