How to Play Pokemon Go on your Apple Watch

How to Play Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is just convenient. There are not many other ways to put it. You can check messages, make calls, send texts and more just by using the watch on your wrist.

What could make it better? What about playing Pokemon Go from your watch? That’s right. Go out into your community and search for Pokemon with the convenience of doing it from your watch.

Developer Niantic has announced that the Apple Watch version is available. That’s about four months after the initial release of the popular Pokemon Go app, and possibly a bit late considering the popularity of the app is declining. The question now will be if the Apple Watch version can catch some of that popularity back.

It’s not a complete version. It connects to the mobile game on your iPhone and lets you perform some of the activities without using your phone. You can collect items from Pokestops and search for nearby monsters by tapping your phone. You can also:

  • Receive notifications about nearby Pokestops by their watch buzzing;
  • Be notified when eggs hatch and medals are awarded;
  • Be notified about nearby Pokemon;
  • Count the distance they need to walk in order to hatch eggs.

The Apple Watch Pokemon Go app is especially geared toward fitness goals. Players can log each session of searching for Pokemon and log them as workouts. Remember Pokemon Go is expected to get players up and moving. They are supposed to use their feet, not sit on their butts and play. They already have to walk in order to hatch Pokemon eggs they find.

The game logs their distance and gives them a new Pokemon as an award. The app lets players see a calorie counter and gives them a fun way to stay fit. A summary screen will show them their activity including the distance they walked, in what time, and how many active calories they burned during the workout.

As far as catching Pokemon? You’ll have to take your phone out for that.

How to Set Up Pokemon Go on your Apple Watch

First you want to make sure your app on your phone is updated to the latest version. If so, the Watch app should be automatically installed on your watch.

The first time you open the watch, you will notice a prompt asking if it can send you notifications. It’s crucial you give if that permission because these notifications are a big part of the Pokemon Go Apple Watch experience.

Open the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone to sync it to your Apple Watch. When you tap Start on your watch screen, it may remind you of this step. It may also ask for permission to access your location, another important step. You will see on your screen what you get then you can tap Close to return to the main Pokemon screen.

You must also give the app permission to track four health metrics: Active Energy, Steps, Walking Distance and Workouts. You can choose to add the data to health apps you use to track your progress. Allow your app to read and write data so you can log your walking to hatch eggs and find candies.

Pressing the Data button on the app will let you see and delete the data that Pokemon Go collects. You can tap edit to tap on and delete individual data items.

How to Use Pokemon Go

Got everything set up? Push start and off you go. Make sure you open the app on both your watch and iPhone.

When you look at your watch you will see your trainer’s avatar, current level and whether you are walking any eggs to get them to hatch. The app will also begin tracking your steps, distance and other health metrics.

There will be four screens, including a settings screen that you can use to turn on and off notifications. You can turn off these notifications if you are doing something that doesn’t enable you to hunt Pokemon.

The eggs screen lets you know how far you have to walk and if an egg is about to hatch. When it hatches, you will see an animation of the egg hatching. If you miss it, simply check your journal on your iPhone app later.

The main screen will show your fitness progress, your progress in hatching eggs, and the location of up to three nearby Pokemon.

If you get a Pokestop notification, you can spin the Pokestop by tapping on the notification and spinning the stop with your finger.

That’s the scoop on the new Pokemon Go Apple Watch app. Download the app and go get fit while you hunt down Pokemon and hatch those eggs.

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