How To Prevent Automatic Apps Downloads on Android

How to stop apps from automatically downloading on android phones

You run a risk when you install apps that didn’t come from the Google Play Store. It’s an increased risk of your smartphone being affected by viruses and malware. That’s especially the case when it automatically downloads unwanted apps from unknown sources. You don’t have Google Play Store verifying that the app is OK to download.

How to stop apps from automatically downloading on android phones:

Change your Gmail account password

Do you have the BlueStack emulator installed on your Android smartphone? BlueStack synchronizes with your device and may automatically download apps and games onto your smartphone. Here’s what to do.

  • Disconnect your account from BlueStack.
  • Change your Gmail account password.
  • Check your smartphone for recently installed apps.

Now downloads through BlueStack aren’t confirmed with your password. It should stop any downloads happening through that way.

Disable Google Play Store auto updates

Do you have apps that may get auto-updated from the Google Play Store? If so, there is a way to stop that too.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Go to the app that you don’t want automatically updating.
  • Click on the app and tap on the auto-update box to uncheck it.

Now these apps won’t get automatic updates unless you go back in and give them permission. That means it will be up to you to remember to update them.

Restrict background data

Sometimes there is a concern if malicious apps being downloaded when data updates in the background. You can fix this as well by restricting background data.

  • Tap on Settings then Data Usage.
  • Tap on each app that you want to restrict from updating in the background.
  • Scroll down and enable Restrict Background Data on the app.

Wipe cache partition

Another suggestion is to wipe the cache partition on your Android device. This may help you with more than one issue your Android phone is having. It can also fix errors like apps crashing.

Different phones have different ways to wipe the cache partition. Search for how to do so on your specific smartphone.

Check for installed home screen launchers

Home screen launchers can sometimes cause an issue with your Android phone. Go through and make sure you have not recently installed any home screen launchers. If you have, consider removing the launcher to see if that solves the problem.

Use Stubborn Trojan Killer app

Rooting your smartphone and using the Stubborn Trojan Killer Android app may help with your issue. The app prevents your Android phone from automatically downloading viruses without permission. This is of huge concern because sometimes these apps being downloaded without your permission may be uploading your data to unknown sources as well. Anti-virus software may prevent this from happening.

Those are the steps you can take to stop the automatic download of apps. As you can see, apps downloading automatically can cause different problems including letting viruses be downloaded onto your Android device without your permission. These steps should stop that from happening.

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