How to recover Forgotten Passcode of your IOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPod, or iPod touch, here is a step by step tips to unlock Passcode with easy ways.

You have six tries in a row to enter your passcode into an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/ipod touch). If you enter the wrong passcode six times, it locks you out and your device displays a message saying that it is disabled.

How to recover Forgotten Passcode of your IOS Devices (iPhone/iPad):

Tips #1: Apple’s Advice (How to unlock):

Apple’s tech support website warns that if you didn’t backup your iPhone before you forgot your passcode, there isn’t any way to avoid erasing your device to use it again. Apple gives you three choices.

If you’ve synced your device with iTunes, you can use iTunes to restore it and erase the passcode.

To do so, connect your iPhone with the computer that you synced it to and open iTunes. If your computer asks you for a passcode, try another computer that you’ve synched your phone with or proceed to recovery mode. Skip ahead to the section that covers recovery mode.

If you can open iTunes and sync it, wait for iTunes to sync to your device and make a backup. Once your iPhone’s synced and the backup is done, restore your device by going to the Set Up screen and tapping Restore from iTunes backup.

Another option is to use iCloud if you set up Find My Phone on your iPhone or iPad. Go to a device other than your Apple device and go to Sign in with your Apple ID and click “All Devices” at the top of your browser. Select which device you want to erase and click Erase.

It will erase both your device and the passcode, letting you restore from a backup or set it up as you would a new device.

If neither works, you are left with recovery mode. Hook your iOS device up to your computer and open iTunes. If you have an iPad, iPod Touch, or an iPhone earlier than iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Keep pressing them throughout the Apple logo appearing until you see the recovery mode screen.

If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, what you want to push are the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Same as above. Keep pushing until you see that recovery mode screen.

When you see an option that says Restore or Update, tap on Restore. Wait for iTunes to download software for your device and, when it’s finished, set up and use your device again.

While Apple doesn’t address it on the website, other sources state that you will need to know the Apple ID and password that you used to set up your iPad.

There is another way to backup data before you erase your iPhone or iPad even if your device is locked.

Tips #2: Dr. Fone software (How to unlock):

Dr. Fone software promotes itself as being able to back up your iPad with one click even if your iPad is locked.

The software lets you preview and restore any item from the backup it makes to your device. It supports all iPhone and iPad models. Here is how to use it.

  • Run the program on your computer.
  • Click on More Tools.
  • When you see “iOS Data Backup Restore Option, click on it.
  • Connect your iPad to the computer and, when the window pops up, chose which file types that you want to back up or recover. Click “Backup” to begin.
  • Preview files and choose items that you want o separately save or restore. Click “Restore to Device” or “Export to PC.”

Once you back up your iPhone or iPad, proceed with the restore suggestions above.

Tips #3: Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit (How to unlock):

If you’re willing to pay the price, you can use forensic software like Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit. The software uses forensic technology to extract passcodes, passwords and encryption keys and decrypt the file system image. Functions include recovering information from locked devices, though it states that “limitations apply.”

It also states that if you have iOS 8 or iOS 9, you will only be able to get limited information without a passcode. The website does not mention iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s safe to assume that it’s the same for these newer models.

These will give you some options if you’ve forgotten your passcode. One takeaway lesson is this: Always back up your device. You never know when you will need that backup such as in a case like this.

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  1. Tim g says:

    My son has set up new passcode by mistake today morning now he forgot passcode. I am facing many issue without phone. I have searched in google and use this site’s step and use on my iPhone 7 plus and now open my phone and set new password.

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