How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone or iPad in iOS 10

How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone in iOS 11 / 10

Here is a 9 Best Tips with step by step guidelines on How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.

You used to luck out with cellular phone plans with “unlimited data.” That’s often not the case anymore. Going over can leave you with reduced speed or higher cell phone bills.

There can be a variety of reasons for your data consumption increasing. Often it’s data-hungry apps eating up your available data.

How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone:

Tips #1: Turn off automatic updates and downloads

App downloads can take a lot of mobile data to download. Consider only downloading updates when you are logged onto WiFi. Go to Settings and look for App and iTunes Store. Look for the switch that says Use Cellular Data and turn it off.

Tips #2: Turn off background app refresh

Apps running in the background often update so that they can be ready for you. While convenient, this eats up more data. Consider turning this off or choosing which apps you want to update in the beginning. Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and either turn it off or choose your apps.

Tips #3: Turn off cellular data for iCloud

Your iPhone or iPad iOS connects to iCloud to send documents and data when you are not connected to WiFi. To turn this off, go to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Drive and turn off the Use Cellular Data switch.

Tips #4: Disable WiFi assist

When your phone connects to a weak WiFi signal, your cellular network may give it a boost via WiFi assist. This helps pages load faster and gives that signal just enough power to use. The catch is your cellular network may be helping a bit too much. This could lead to too much use of mobile data. Consider disabling it.

To disable it, go to Settings>Cellular and look near the bottom to find where you turn off WiFi Assist.

Tips #5: Turn off location services

Location services comes in handy when using GPS or playing your Pokemon Go game. But do you always need it on? The answer’s likely no. Turn it off to save data. Go to Settings then Privacy. Tap on Location Services and turn the switch off next to it.

Tips #6: Download – don’t stream – music

Streaming music lets you rock the jam when you’re out and about, but it can also steal your data away in a hurry. Consider setting your music and podcast apps like Spotify to only stream when WiFi is available. That way you will be more inclined to download songs and podcasts.

You can also limit Apple music and podcasts. To do so, go to Settings>Music and disable streaming entirely on cellular by clicking off Use Cellular Data. If you want to compromise, turn off High Quality on Cellular option and leave on Use Cellular Data.

Next go to Settings>Podcasts and switch off Cellular Data. If you enable Only Download on WiFi, that will further limit data usage by only allowing podcast downloads when connected to WiFi.

Tips #7:  Stop mail app from loading remote images

You can prevent your mail app from loading remote images in order to save on mobile data usage. Open your Settings app, go to Mail and – under Messages – toggle the Load Remote Images app.

Tips #8: Check your apps

Apps may have ways to reduce data usage. Check your apps to find possibilities.

For instance, you can open the Facebook app, go to More>Settings>Account Settings. Next tap on Videos and Photos>Video Settings>Auto Play and choose either On WiFi Connections Only or Never Auto-plays Videos.

Instagram enables you to tap on the Profile Icon, then the Gear icon, then Mobile Data Use. Turn the Use Less Data switch on.

Does your iPhone or iPad have What’s App? You can save data usage with this popular messaging app too. Go to WhatsApp, open Settings and Data Usage. Turn the switch next to Low Data Usage to on.

Tips #9: Turn off cellular data

Are you at the point where you’re already over your limit, or approaching it? Tired of going over too many months in a row? Consider turning it off. You can still make phone calls and likely receive and send texts too.

To turn it off, go to Settings>Cellular and turn Cellular Data off. If you need your internet on your phone and you’re away from WiFi, don’t forget to turn it back on.

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