How to select the perfect word press theme for your blog/website

How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme for your Blog/Website

Most beginners become confused while selecting wordpress theme for their sites. As there are many paid and free options available and most of those seem appealing, it becomes hard for them to choose the right wordpress theme. So here some tips are given for choosing the best wordpress theme for your site:

Simple & User-friendly WordPress Theme

You may find out many themes which are extravagant with colors and complex layouts. And the fact is you don’t need those actually for your blog or site. The famous said of Leonardo da Vinci is “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So, select a theme that is designed perfectly without any extra color mixing that will support your goal. Don’t take any theme which presentation style is over complicated. Focus on finding information easily by viewers and aim at achieving your goal with the perfect theme.

Responsiveness is must

Being adjusted with different screen sizes and traffic, have a responsive theme. Not only pc, mobile and other hand hold devices also generate a huge number of traffic or higher than 50% too. And the fact is also considerable here that Google show the websites in top which are mobile friendly too. So prepare your site as fully mobile ready as much as you can. So, be sure if the theme you selecting is mobile friendly or not.

Compatibility with all Browsers

All users don’t use same browsers at all. Be cautious about the fact that the theme you are choosing is perfect in every browser or not. It may be perfect in your browser, but many others can find the theme broken in their browsers. So choosing the theme that compatible with every browser is necessary. So, don’t forget to try your preferred theme on different browsers and devices.

Supported plug INS

The main power of wordpress can be determined via wordpress plug-in. these plug-in have the ability to prepare your sites for any things having done with your blog or site. So be sure if your preferred wordpress theme supports all popular plug-in or not.

Multilingual WordPress Theme

The fact is that many of the wordpress theme do not support English language. If you have interest for creating a multilingual site in the future then is aware about your wordpress theme if this is ready for translating and support multilingual wordpress plug-in.

Page builders

If you are unknown about page builders then let me clear. Page builders are word press plugs INS which is required for allowing you to create page layouts with drag and drop user interface. If you choose premium wordpress theme you will get page builders pre-installed. So choose themes that are shipped with one of the most used page builder’s plug-ins. Or there is another option for you of buying the page builders separately.

Support options

If you are thinking of choosing any free word press then give up the hope of getting future support, as those don’t give any guaranteed support. So make sure about choosing a wordpress theme with better documentation and support options. In this case premium wordpress will be good enough, as those provide detailed documentation with 1 year of email based support too!

SEO friendly Theme

WordPress theme is more necessary in getting SEO friendliness. Your theme may be appealing, but if it is containing a poorly coded HTML, then you have to face the bad affect of it. Check your preferred theme’s SEO friendliness with w3c markup validation service and have a SEO optimized theme for your site.

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