How to solve the 'Storage Almost Full' in iPhone or Ipad

How to solve the ‘Storage Almost Full’ in iPhone or IPad

There is plenty that you can do with the iPhone. You can take videos and photos, record your shopping list, check your email, prioritize your tasks and more.

Many of those tasks leave data on your phone that – after time – can pile up and give you that dreaded “Storage Almost Full” message. All of a sudden your phone runs like a turtle and you have trouble taking your pictures and checking your email. Even worse, you can’t download new apps because you do not have enough storage space.

Here are tips on how to free up space and get rid of that “Storage Almost Full” message.

How to check your storage on your phone

You can check your storage by going to Settings and tapping General. Once there, go to Storage and iCloud Usage to see how much space you have used and how much you have left.

How to delete Apps you don’t need

It’s likely that over time you have downloaded apps that you don’t use much. For instance, if you are a photographer you may have six different camera apps. If you love music you may have three different apps with which to listen to music. Do you use them all, or are there some you don’t use that you can delete?

Tap and hold on an app icon until the icon wobbles and an X appears, then tap the X to delete the app.

How to delete music and movies you don’t want

Do you have music in your Music app and movies in your Movies app that you don’t want anymore? If so, consider deleting them. If you purchased them from iTunes you may likely be able to re-download them to your phone.

Delete songs by going to the Music app, opening a song list view and swiping from left to right on any songs that have outlived their welcome. Wait for the delete button to appear and tap it to delete the song.

Consider whether you need your music collection on your phone at all if you subscribe to an online music streaming service. Another option is moving your music collection to iTunes Match or iTunes in the Cloud. You can delete your music from your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Usage > Storage and tapping on Music. Tap on Edit once there and you will see a red delete circle next to All Music. Tap on the circle then the delete button that appears.

Do you download movies, TV shows and music videos to your iPhone? Consider deleting these too. Go to Movies, TV Shows or Music Videos and find the specific music video, movie or TV show season that you want to delete. Tap Edit then the X that appears in the upper left corner. If you want to delete a specific episode of a show, find the episode, swipe left on the episode and tap Delete.

Podcasts are another culprit, especially if you have podcast subscriptions that slipped your mind. To delete a podcast, go to My Podcasts and swipe left on the episode you want to erase then tap Delete. To delete a specific episode, go to the episode and swipe left on it then tap Delete.

How to delete unwanted photos and videos

Back to those camera apps and all those photos and videos you took. What about that one with your finger in the frame, or the five selfies that look almost alike? What about those photos you took that you really don’t want people seeing because it was a bad hair day? Erase them.

You can transfer photos and videos you take to your home computer. The Mac gives you iPhoto while Windows has its own pictures and video importer. You can choose to delete photos once they are imported to your computer. Other options include Dropbox or the Google+ photo backup, though both of these will mean you have to delete photos once they are uploaded.

How to clear Safari cache

The cache of Safari, your iPhone’s default browser, can become overwhelming over time. That’s where Safari sticks data from sites you visit often. Delete the cache by going to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data then restarting your iPhone.

To delete your offline reading list, go to Settings>General>Usage>Safari and click on Edit on the top right. Hit the Delete button you see pop up next to “Offline Reading List.”

How to delete Messages

Have you been talking to your friends about how much you hate that blasted “Storage Almost Full” message or your favorite TV shows? Those messages can add up as well – especially if you attach photos and videos. Delete iMessage threads by opening the Messages app and swiping to the left. To individually delete a message, tap on the bubble next to each message then hit delete.

How to delete books and audio books

Remember that downloaded book you read and didn’t care to read again? This is the chance to forget it forever. Go to the iBooks app, tap Select then tap each book you want to delete. Then tap Delete and Delete This Copy.

These steps will help you clear your “Storage Almost Full” message and restore your iPhone to the productivity and functionality that you love.

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