How to start a Fashion Blog

How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money Online

Are you crazy about latest fashion and your interested subject? then starting a fashion blogging is a perfect decision for you. There are a few things that you need to start you blog. You will need a computer, a camera, the internet, a phone and a tripod. A camera, especially a good one is something that you should really invest in. Having a good DSLR will make the quality of the photos better and will be so beneficial to your business and your brand.

Steps of How to Start Fashion Blog:

  • Choosing platform
  • How to choose Domain name
  • How to Choose Hosting
  • WordPress Installation
  • Choosing Best Plug-in
  • WordPress Theme
  • Strong Marketing

Choosing a Platform

one of the most important things is choosing platform. which platform is easy to use and maintain long time. Put into consideration which blogging platform you will use. You can either go with Blogger or Word Press.

I would recommend wordpress as it is so easy to use and you can customize design, coding and feature you want. the most important thing is that wordpress is very easy to understand and manage without any technical knowledge. I highly recommend wordpress as a platform for your fashion blog.

How to choose Domain name for Fashion Blog

Choosing the domain is more important part of blogging. you can get idea for popular blog and how they will get on top etc. there are lots of tool available for choosing domain so you can first try and check it is available or not. It makes it easy for your site to be easily remembered by your audience and it looks more professional.

It is important to pick a domain name that says something about you and your blog. The domain name that you choose should represent your fashion blog properly.

How to Choose Hosting for your fashion blog

At the time that you start your blog, it is important to decide if you want to choose a blogging software that allows you to host your blog on that hosting provider’s server. there are many option to choose the best hosting company such as hostgator, bigrock, dreamhost for your wordpress blog but I highly recommend Bluehost. you can start your hosting at just $3.95 USD and there are good customer support to provide any issue.

Start your fashion blog with Bluehost, click here to Sign Up

WordPress Installation

WordPress is for more developed bloggers especially those who want a more intricate design in their blogs.
The first step to install WordPress is to update your title which can be anything you choose. There are hundreds of themes and you can choose the one you like. Add a free header and background, a blog icon and a widget.

Choose the Best Plug-ins for fashion blog

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of Word Press. Some of the most popular Plugins in the directory are bbPress, BuddyPress, Theme Check, Akismet and WP Super Cache.

Choose the best WordPress Theme

Choosing the WordPress theme is important things because you should choose theme based upon user point of view and user-friendly. keep in mind that what people love and why they will come on our blog. You can start with a white background, a content section and a side bar section. Add widgets on the side bar section for example a view data count which will basically show how many people have been to your blog. You can also add a little Instagram widget which will show all your photos.

Strong Marketing for your Fashion blog

Buzz with solid marketing online and offline. social media marketing is one the best option for branding your company and get more user fastly. The main sites are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat.
It is also important to create relationships with other bloggers because the blogging community is closely knit.

Everybody is out to support each other. Take part in their conversations. Use popular hashtags as well for example; #fashionbloggers #stylebloggers. Also ensure that your content is properly punctuated and free of grammatical errors. Meet your audience’s needs.

keep your blog update everyday with trendy topics so user will interact and get more traffics.

Happy Blogging.


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