How to start health blog and make money online

How to Start Health Blog and Make Money Online

Every one of us wants to start their journey of diet and health for a healthy living. As being unconsciousness about health paves the way of health issues. So perfect dieting with losing weight seems to be necessary. Having proper knowledge about what to eat, how to diet, and how to be fit is required then.

Don’t worry about your background; you have the chance to start the same journey as other conscious people are doing. So let’s start gathering knowledge and sharing those to others for their advantages.

A food bloggers helps people with their knowledge and experiences in prevention of health issues, as they have huge impact on our world. But for building a popular blog you need knowledge as well as proper marketing and business skills too. So here some tips are given based on how to start a health blog:

Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

Find out the best hosting provider for your site. Hosting is essential for your blogging career, as it provides you a live site indeed.  You will get to know about different Hosting providers. But if you need the solid one, then I shall refer blue host, as it is one of the solid hosting providers for cutting the chase. Your selection of hosting providers will decide the way of having an attractive health blog.

I have reviewed all hosting provider in my network and compare to other hosting provider Bluehost hosting company is good for everything.

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How to start a wordpress blog using bluehost

Build the site on WordPress

You will find a lot of options for building site, but I shall recommend wordpress as the best. You won’t require knowing much information regarding HTML or other codes. And it lets you building pages and blog posts in your sites properly. WordPress provide the entire control of your site to yourself so that you can choose your preferred theme as well as you can install plug-ins as your requirements for your health blog.

And in this case, you can have 2 versions of wordpress, one is that is based on limited functions and the other one is which gives you the opportunity for self-hosting. And from there you can install or set-up as you likes to do.

Make Your Blogging Brand

The most successful health blogs are seems to be branded and for this reason those are popular enough. Branding your blog will make it more specific and special so that there is a huge possibility of getting the viewers returns in next time too. And it also makes your website trustable. And for making your blog as a brand, you will need a perfect brand name and a domain and an attractive logo for your health blog.

Concentrate on Quality

Without making your blog attractive and special with quality contents, you can’t think of giving best experience to your readers. So, write the best quality articles for reader’s satisfaction. Follow the informative content writing style with the entertaining way. And here is also an important fact exists to be known, and that is the accurate format.

That means articles should be informative and high quality photos should be added. And if it is possible then provide resources and references too with the articles.

Assistance to Readers

Without helping your readers, you can’t think of getting success. They are the one and only medium of your successful blogging career. Don’t use too short cut method, rather write comprehensive articles. And the most important fact is timely response. Response your readers timely, your feedback will bring them closer. Provide enough value to them and in feedback they will be loyal to you and thus you can have a popular and useful health blog of your own.

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