How to Turn on off Safe Mode on Samsung Note 8

How to Turn On / Off Safe Mode on Samsung Note 8

We all know that Samsung has Safe Mode in their devices including the Galaxy Note 8. It is a great way to perform a series of troubleshooting with your device on the go. You can access applications that are difficult to fix. You can even remove bugs with the said function. We will tell you to operate Safe Mode.

How to Turn On / Off Safe Mode on Samsung Note 8:

Turn On Safe Mode

  • Turn of your device.
  • Press the on Button.
  • When you see the Samsung Logo, press down the Volume Buttons.
  • Until it finished rebooting, just hold it down.
  • You will when you succeeded if the text “Safe Mode” appears on the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you want to exit Safe Mode, just Restart the device.

Safe Mode is ideal to keep your phone out of harm. It will disable any third-party software or application that is harmful to the device.

Turn Off Safe Mode

  • Restart the device.
  • Enter Recovery Mode.

Just follow the given procedures to get in and out of Safe Mode for your samsung galaxy note 8 smartphone.

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