How To Update The Software On Your Apple Watch

How to Update your Apple Watch Software

The Apple Watch is definitely one of the “got to have” gadgets of the moment. People love the convenience it provides and also just like showing their friends their Apple Watch.

Its convenience factor includes making calls, checking messages and performing other communication tasks right from their phone. At the heart of the matter, though, is it is a technical device that’s continuously improving. You can only take advantage of such improvements if you update to the latest software, which is currently watchOS3.

Yes, it’s a broken record when it comes to advice in smartphone articles. But it’s true. Updating to the latest software fixes bugs and makes other improvements to your device. It’s definitely worth it on the Apple Watch considering the latest update to watchOS3 is said to speed up animations and make other worthy changes to the watch. That includes apps opening faster.

How to Update your Apple Watch Software:

Prepping your Apple Watch and iPhone

Before you update your watch operating system, make sure your watch is charged at least at 50 percent. It will need that charge to complete the update considering it can sometimes take more than an hour. You also want to make sure it is on its charger and placed properly.

You also want to connect your iPhone to WiFi and keep it close to your Apple Watch. You want to make sure they stay within range of each other in order for the update to work.

Your iPhone must be running the latest iOS version, which as of December 12, 2016, was iOS 10.2.

Update your Apple Watch software

Ready? Let’s update.

Make sure to keep your watch on the charger until the process is complete.

Go to your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and tap on My Watch tab.

Once you do so, tap on General then Software Update. Download the update and be patient during the process. If you see a prompt asking for your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode, enter it.

You will see a progress wheel on your Apple Watch. Sometimes the update takes minutes, and other times it may take about an hour. The most important thing is to be patient. Do not restart either device and do not turn off the Apple Watch app. When everything is done, your Apple Watch will restart all on its own.

More about the watchOS3 update

Among changes on the newest update to Apple Watch is the dock feature. The dock opens when you push the watch’s side button, which is the lower button on the side. It will show you what apps you recently used and your favorite ones that you want to have handy. If the app is in the dock, it will open immediately when launched. That makes it easier to use your favorite apps and to do so quickly.

There are also three new watchfaces: Numerals, Minnie Mouse and Activity. Activity, the only one that really needs an explainer, is a natural fit for fitness fans who track their activity levels with the Apple Watch. The watchface includes a bigger view of the daily activity fans so users can see how much more active they must be to reach their fitness goal.

That’s just a few of the benefits of updating your Apple Watch operating system.

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