How to view, add, remove, rename, merge collection, label or hide People in the Photos app in iOS 10

How to view, add, remove, rename, merge collection, label or hide People in the Photos app in iOS 11/ 10

The iOS 10 version of Photos that you’ll find in your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is just incredibly smart. It even recognizes your friends and groups them together in the photo album.

The iOS 10 features a People album that automatically collects images of people into the album. Photos and videos are organized by faces featured in each item. Advanced technologies built into the operating system recognize faces and help sort, categorize and identify photos and videos containing them.

What you see first when you open the People album is a catalog of faces. The faces in the catalog appear according to how often images appear with each face. Once you open it, you will see an Add name command that lets you type in a name or connect a photo to someone in your contacts list. Once you do that, it will go through other photos to ask if it is the same person.

How to view, add, remove, rename, merge collection, label or hide People in the Photos app in iOS 11/10

How to view people and faces

To view people, open the Photos App, talk on Albums then tap on the People album. To see your favorite friends, click on their face and view their collection.

There will also be a video slideshow that you can make featuring collections of individual people. Push the Play button and choose to adjust the length and music that accompanies it if you want. You can tap Details when you play the movie and add it to Memories so that you can edit it some more.

How to name or re-name a person

It’s easy to name a person in your People album. Select someone whom you want to name, tap + Add Name and add their name. You may see autocomplete suggestions based upon names in your Contacts list. If these don’t fit, you can type the name in yourself then press Done.

Your iOS 10 may sometimes need help finding the perfect photo from which to identify other faces. If you don’t like the default facial image shown, tap a person then tap Share and Set Key Face.

How to remove People misidentified

Did the album goof and put someone in the wrong collection? You can fix it by clicking on a person or face from the album, tapping Select in the upper left corner and Show All if you aren’t sure if you want to correct each image. You can also tap Show Faces to see closer what photos the device is seeing. Tap photos you want gone, tap Share then Not This Person.

How to label your Besties

If you want, you can add favorite people together in the Photos app. Open the People album, tap Select and pick a face then tap Favorite in the bottom of the screen. If you just want to see your favorite people, tap Show Favorites Only below thumbnails of people on your Favorites list.

What about when someone drops off that favorites list in your life? Simple. Go through the same steps but tap Unfavorite instead to remove them from your Favorites list.

How to add new people

If you want to add new people to your People album, tap Add People and select a person or people whom you want to add. Then tap Add.

How to merge collections and people

Do you have multiple collections of the same people whom you want to merge into one collection? To do so, open the People album and tap Select then select the collections that you hope to merge. After that tap Merge twice.

how to hide people

Let’s say for some reason that you want to hide people from the People album. You can do so by opening the People album and tapping Select. Find the face of the person you want to hide and tap Hide on the bottom of the screen. It will still appear in a Hidden section, but you can hide it from the main screen by then tapping Show Less.

Things to keep in mind

Facial recognition is quite complex, and that means quite a drag on your battery. Your iOS device must be plugged in and have enough charge to happen. It may happen in the background when you plug in your iPhone or iPad with iOS10.

It will also take time to make it through your photos, especially if you have thousands of them. Be patient and don’t expect it to happen quickly.

Now go out and take photos of your favorite people and keep them both close to your heart and close together in your People album.

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