How to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country

How to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country

If you’re a YouTube fan, it’s likely that you’ve seen the “this video is not available in your country” message. It’s common if you’re trying to watch a video uploaded in another country.

In some cases you may be watching videos blocked by internet service providers who are complying with government orders. In other cases the content owner restricted the video to not play in certain geographic regions. For example, BBC videos on YouTube are only viewable in the UK.

How does YouTube know you’re trying to watch the video in another country? Your computer’s IP address tells your physical location including your country.

Stubborn? Still want to watch that video? Here are some tricks you can try.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country:

Bypass region filtering on YouTube

You can try to bypass region filtering and see if that works. Look for the section of the URL that contains “/watch?v=” and replace it with “/v/”. For instance, take the YouTube address and change it to If this works, you will be able to play the blocked video.

Download the video

Didn’t work? On to plan B.

You can use this trick to download the video. You’ll be able to watch it and download it to watch in offline mode.

Add “ss” before, so it would be It will take you to a YouTube video downloader.

You can also go to

This trick should let you watch YouTube videos not available in your country.

Change your IP address

There are free browser extensions that you can use to change your IP address. Remember the IP address is how your location is tracked. These extensions are a way around that.

One such extension is browsec. It lets you choose four locations for free or more locations if you get the paid version. It’s promoted as a way to access any site, enhance your privacy and “protect your data from sniffers.”

Install the extension, click on the extension icon, and click on Protect Me if you want to enable the privacy protection. Next go to Change Location to change your location to a different country. Make sure to select a country in which you can view the video you want to watch.

Use a VPN to switch your location

A VPN or virtual private network is suggested to add privacy and security to both private and public networks including WiFi hotspots. VPNs let you connect to a server in another country. There are a variety of VPNs to use to match your platform and device such as a Windows computer or an Android smartphone.

A popular VPN is VyprVPN. Your data won’t be shared with anyone. You’ve got about 50 server locations around the world to choose from. The free version gives you 500 MB monthly data to use. Paid versions give you more.

One of these solutions should let you see videos from another country even when you get the message that the video isn’t available in your country. Enjoy your viewing as you’re introduced to culture and entertainment from around the world.

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