“Move to SD Card” Button is Grayed Out on Android phone: How to fix

“Move to SD Card” Button is Grayed Out on Android phone: How to fix

Depending on your phone and how much memory you have, it’s easy to fill up your phone’s internal memory. We love our apps and just love downloading them. But those apps have to go somewhere, and as we download them they take up memory.

On many Android phones you can move apps to the SD card to free up some space. You move apps by going to Settings>Applications, tapping which app you want to move, then tapping the “Move to SD Card” option. Easy enough, right?

The catch is what to do when the option is grayed out. That means it’s not going to be easy to get that app on the SD cared, which can foil your plan of freeing up space.

How to fix “Move to SD Card” Button is Grayed Out on Android phone:

Developer’s decision

Android app developers must enable people to move their apps to the SD card by using the “android.installLocation attribute in the app’s manifest element. IF they do not, the Move to SD Card option is grayed out. This is because apps can’t run from the SD card while the card is mounted. There are certain apps like an alarm clock, which may not sound if you have your device hooked up to your computer. The developer decides to block it out so that no one mistakenly thinks the app doesn’t work.

Service, sync or account interface

Here’s another will not run scenario. If an app runs as a service, utilizes an account or handles background syncing, it won’t fully run from an SD card when mounted.

Widget support

When you install an app on the SD card, widgets from that app are unavailable to select when the device is mounted. You have to re-start the device for the widgets from the app to be an option.

What can you do?

Gaming apps are among good apps to move considering they don’t run in the background or handle needed tasks. They also aren’t the space hogs that other apps are.

If you have a rooted Android, you can make apps download directly to the SD card using Android SDK Tools. You must have root access in newer Androids to set the home directory.

Rooting your phone comes with its risks, especially if something goes wrong, and can void your warranty. However, many people root their Android smartphones to increase their functionality and use apps not sold in the Google Play Store.

You can find more information on rooting your Android device at XDA Developers.

Otherwise your options are limited. You can go through your smartphone and delete apps you no longer need. Once you complete that, consider deleting music, videos and other options that you don’t need. That can free up space so that you can download new apps and your phone can run without issues caused by a lack of memory.

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