How to Set Up Email Reply Notifications on Apple Devices (iphone, ipad)

How to Set Up Email Reply Notifications on iPhone / iPad

Who needs a desktop computer anymore to send an email? You can just send one from your iPhone or iPad.

These devices are increasingly becoming easily held mini-computers that can handle many tasks like emails. Past that, you can do tasks like flagging important emails and manage multiple inboxes.

What about that important email that you send out? Are you eagerly awaiting a reply? Maybe you are job hunting or you wrote an email to your loved one. You sit there and keep looking at your Apple device waiting on an answer.

You can set up email reply notifications on both your iPhone and iPad. It only takes a few seconds to set it up. Here is how you can do it.

How to Set Up Email Reply Notifications on iPhone / iPad:

Enable Email Reply Notifications

Step 1: Open your iPad or iPhone’s mail app.

Step 2: Open the email for which you want a reply notification. If you just sent the email, find the email in the Sent folder.

Step 3: Look at the bottom left corner of the opened email for a flag icon and tap on it.

Step 4: You will see a menu pop up. Tap on Notify Me, then tap on Notify Me again.

That’s all you have to do. When someone replies to the email, your device will immediately notify you. It’s a quick notification that lets you get the response you need.

Disable Email Reply Notifications

So you’ve got your answer. There’s no need to be notified any more. Maybe it’s an email thread you’re bored of following. Maybe you didn’t get the response you wanted from your partner and your partner’s still emailing but you don’t want to read it.

It doesn’t matter the reason. You can set up notifications and you can delete them. Here is how.

Step 1: Open your Apple device’s Mail app.

Step 2: Find the specific email that you set up with email reply notification. Open the email and look for a bell icon next to it that shows notifications are set up.

Step 3: Find the flag icon, tap on it and tap on Stop Notifying.

That’s it. Now you won’t receive email notifications from this specific email thread.

Get Email Read Receipts

Do you want to see if someone read your email? You can do that too while using your iPhone or iPad.

You will have to download an app to do so. Two such apps are MailTracker and iTrackMail.

The iTrackMail app lets you know when the email was read. It will also estimate what platform it was read on and the type of browser that the recipient used.

The MailTracker app goes a step beyond by letting you know how long the person took reading your email. Plus,it doesn’t let the person know you requested to be notified if the email was read.

Check both apps out to see what features they offer.

Just a note that they don’t always work and may not work with every email platform. Just the same, they may be enough to give you some piece of mind and you won’t know if they’ll work until you try them.

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