Siri Not Working Right? How to Fix It

Siri Not Working on your iPhone ? How to Fix this problem

Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant on Apple devices, keeps our lives in order. Siri – whose full name is Speech Interpretation & Recognition Interface – finds directions for us, lets us know if we have upcoming appointments, browses the web for us and even gives us witty responses if we ask just the right questions.

That makes it frustrating when we have to do without our beloved Siri because it isn’t working right. Sure, we could probably find our answers otherwise. But we would lack that convenience that Siri offers.

Don’t worry. Siri hasn’t quit. There’s a number of possibilities when it comes to Siri not working as you’d expect.

Siri Not Working on your iPhone ? How to Fix this problem:

Step #1: Check your iPhone model

Can’t find Siri? The virtual assistant works on iPhone 4S and later, on the iPad 3 and later, and all iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini models. It also works on the 5th and 6th generation iPod touch models, the Apple Watch and 4th-generation Apple TV. It won’t work on older devices even if you upgrade the iOS to a newer version. You will have to buy a more modern version to get the beloved Siri to help you.

Step #2: Make sure Siri’s turned on

Siri can only help you if given the chance. Go to Settings>General>Siri and ensure that the slider next to Siri is on and green. If not, turn it on.

Step #3: Make sure internet connection is active

Siri will only work for you when your iPhone’s internet connection is active. Make sure it is either connected to Wi-Fi or your cellular account. If not, restart your iPhone. You can reset network settings by opening Settings and tapping on General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

A slow internet connection can also hamper Siri’s ability to serve you. Remember that Wi-Fi often works faster than cellular data. Turn on your iPhone’s Wi-Fi by going to the Control Center and tapping on the Wi-Fi icon then try Siri again.

Step #4: Turn Siri on then off

Don’t worry. Siri will understand. Turn Siri off then back on to see if that solves the problem. To do so, open Settings, tap on General then Siri, turn it off for a few seconds then turn it back on. After that, ask Siri your favorite question and see if it works.

Step #5: Restart iPhone

While you are at it, try restarting your iPhone. Turn Siri off as instructed then turn your device off by holding the sleep/wake button until you see a red slider. Slide the slider to turn your iPhone off, wait a few seconds, then push the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo to turn it back on. After you restart your iPhone, turn Siri back on.

You may need to do a force restart. To do so, push the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

Step #6: Check your microphone

Maybe Siri isn’t answering because Siri doesn’t hear you. Do you see the soundwave graphic and does your iPhone say “What can I help you with?” after you start speaking to Siri? You could have a microphone problem.

Try removing your case to see if the case is somehow obstructing the microphone. You may also check your microphone opening to make sure there is no debris in it. If there is, use a can of compressed air or very carefully use a pin to clear it. Do so extremely carefully so you do not damage your microphone.

Another test is to use Siri with a headset. If Siri responds when you wear a headset but not when you just use the microphone on your iPhone, it could likely be an issue with your iPhone’s microphone.

Step #7: Disable low power mode

Low power mode saves your battery’s strength, but it also turns Siri off. To bring Siri back you must switch off low power mode. To do so, open Settings, scroll down and search for Battery. Tap on it and turn off the low power mode. Plug your iPhone in if it has less than 25 percent of battery life remaining.

Step #8: Change Siri’s voice

Sure, Siri’s voice grows on you. But some report that this solution works. Go to Settings, tap on General and then Siri. Search for the Siri Voice option and tap on it to switch the voice’s gender. See if that makes a difference.

Step #9: Update iOS

It’s one of the eternal questions when trying to troubleshoot an issue with an Apple device. Do you have the latest iOS installed? If not, you should.

Open Settings and go to General>Software Update. Tap Download and Install if given that option. If not, that means your iPhone has the latest software installed.

Is Siri back yet? If not, you may want to get the help of your nearest Apple store to help bring Siri back to you.

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